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Public Art is generally considered to be an artwork in any medium that is designed for a public space, including the inside of a building that is accessible to the public.
The artwork can be permanent (sculpture), temporary (performance), community engaged (involving participation) or integrated into the built elements of a City, such as the electrical or water utility boxes. Cities and Municipalities are generally responsible for managing and maintaining public spaces, by establishing bylaws and policies for its use. Cities also maintain the architectural elements that are built into public spaces, such as the public squares, washrooms, shelters, benches and signage. Public Art can be integrated into any of these elements through an early stage design process where artists are brought into collaboration with city staff. Many cities around the world fund public art works through a Percent-For-Art program that integrates funding for artworks or artistic elements into major infrastructure projects, such as parks, public transit or other public facilities.
Public Art has a variety of purposes.

  • Open New Eyes to see a place differently
  • Creates a sense of Place, belonging, reflection
  • Historical, Commemorative, Celebratory
  • Political, Social Activation, Educational, Social Change
  • Artistic, Beauty, Expression, Enjoyment, Fun
  • Cultural, present new ideas and visions for a community
  • Ameliorative, change the narrative of a certain area
  • Value, increase the value of a building, site or place

About Public Art

What is Public Art?

Public art plays a significant role in creating an authentic sense of place and community revitalization. As public art accumulates in a neighbourhood, it becomes a distinctive asset that not only adds to the area’s general attractiveness, it also becomes a powerful tool to attract new residents, businesses and visitors.

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Congratulations to Peter Davies and the Museum at Campbell River.  They have been selected to supply the images for the Generator Boxes.
There are no further calls at this time but artists are reminded to add themselves to the online Artists Directory for reference for future calls.

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Undertaking Commissions

General Advice

The past decade has seen significant increases in the range of opportunities for visual artists to work on commissions. On one hand this can be linked to developments in policy on public art but in the main it can be accredited to artists who have continued to challenge the traditional perception of commissioning and public art practice.

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Public Art Resources

A sampling of local, national and international public art work. Click on one of the links in the submenu.

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