Call for Artists 3 Totems – Water Supply Building

Call for Artists 3 Totems – Water Supply Building

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Requests for Proposals

PROJECT NAME: City of Campbell River Water Supply Building – 3 Totems

COMMISSIONING ORGANIZATION: City of Campbell River, Public Art Sub-Committee

APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 7, 2016 @4pm PST


BUDGET: $60,000.00


As part of its commitment to provide opportunities for artists and others in the creative industry, the City of Campbell River and the Public Art Committee are seeking proposals from artists and artist teams for a building design project – 3 totems – being incorporated into the new Campbell River Water Supply Building. The goal of the project is to reflect and highlight, both the setting and function of the building, as well as celebrate local First Nations culture and history, particularly connected to the theme of fresh water. The deadline to submit proposals will be November 30, 2016.

The City’s new water treatment building design has advanced to 90% with construction anticipated to be complete in late 2017. As part of the building design process, the City spent time developing the architectural finish of the building to reflect both the setting and the function of the building. Key themes for the project include: local First Nations history and culture, water and wood.

The building will have three artificial support columns at the front of the building. The artist or artist team will design and create three 3.0m +/- tall (final exact dimensions to be confirmed by City), carved totems that will sit on top of a 400mm diameter concrete pedestal and attach to 315mm wide X 1178mm tall glue-laminated wooden beams that support the building roof. The structural support for the glue-laminated beams and building roof is provided by steel posts and the artists will need to identify how the completed carved totems will be fitted around the steel posts so as to give the finished totems the appearance of being integrated structural components of the building. All proposals should include preferred type of wood for carving as well as the suggested diameter that would provide for the best completed appearance considering the scale of the building.

The theme of the totems should be representative of fresh water whether a river, spring, lake or rain, but expressed through a local First nation cultural lens. Preference will be given to work that connects this fresh water theme to a local legend or cultural activity. Artists should be aware that a separate call for artists is being issued for double wide carved doors for the front entrance of the building and coordination of the art themes of the totems and doors will be required.

Interested proponents are asked to submit project proposals for 3 carved totems. Proposals must include installation specifications, project budget, preferred wood type, carving themes, and any other pertinent information that would assist the selection committee in fully understanding the scope and scale of the proposed totems. Submissions must also address all safety, design and engineering requirements that pertain to the successful execution of the proposed installation.

The three totems should each have a different but related theme focused on local First Nation connections to fresh water. All three of these poles should be delivered and installed under a single art project and should be completed no later than March 31, 2017.

Maximum budget allocation: $60,000.00.
– 100% must be used for the creation of art work and pay for the cost of design, fabrication and delivery of the work

Projects that require more funding than our current budget are encouraged to seek matching funds.

Professional, emerging, and student artists, as well as artist teams are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should consider submitting some (or all) of the following for consideration:

  • Visual work: up to 10 images
    – Digital images should be on CD or DVD or sent via e-mail through file sharing
    – Each image must be clearly identified with name, number, title, dimensions, year and a numbered image list (files should read: 01artistnameTITLE.jpg)
    – Please clearly identify images that are directly related to the project or are drafts for the proposed project
  • Letter of Interest
    – Introduce yourself; describe your interest in the project, your approach to creating public art, and any past relevant experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Artist statement, maximum 500 words
  • References, 2 minimum
  • Project Proposal:
    – Full written description of project, max. 1 page
    – Timeline, including research, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance
    – Mock-ups and artist renderings
    – Budget

Upon request, artists may be required to provide a presentation before the City of Campbell River Public Art Sub-Committee who will subsequently provide a recommendation to the City for final decision. The City reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all of the proposals received.

All submissions must be postmarked, or hand delivered by the date and time of the deadline to be considered. Proposals to be returned to artists must include a self-address stamped envelope.


City of Campbell River
ATTN: Public Art Sub-Committee, Proposals
301 St. Ann’s Road, Campbell River, BC
V9W 4C7
T: 250.286.5700

– Critical discourse related to contemporary art, public art, place-making, and or historical relevance
– Realization of the project description

  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Community Engagement
  • Budget


Ken Blackburn, Chair of the Public Art Sub-Committee