Call for Artists – Requests for Proposal

Call for Artists – Requests for Proposal

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Requests for Proposal

PROJECT NAME: Call for Artists: Request for Proposal

COMMISSIONING ORGANIZATION: City of Campbell River, Public Art Sub-Committee

APPLICATION DEADLINES: March 15 + September 15 2017

BUDGET: Annually, $25,000

The City of Campbell River seeks Public Art Proposals from artists and artist teams to go before the Public Art Sub-Committee twice yearly. The deadlines to submit proposals will be March 15 2017 and September 15 2017. Please review the following items required to submit a complete proposal.

The City of Campbell River’s Public Art Sub-Committee seeks to cultivate a more vibrant community where the city is visually exciting and spaces are identifiable. With this call for artists to submit a Public Art Proposal, we seek artists who are interested in cultivating a sense of place where art in all its forms are incorporated into everyday life. We encourage artists and artist teams working in a wide range of media, permanent or temporary, to apply.


  1. Community Based
    Foster collaborative art making practices by integrating professional artists into various community groups or processes. Encourage a collective method of art making, engaging artists and communities through collaborative, creative expression.
  2. Special Projects
    Embrace projects that encourage artists to explore the process of creating art through alternative approaches such as residencies, new media, interactive, video and sound based works.
  3. Permanent Site-Specific Projects
    Artworks designed for a specific location in the City of Campbell River. The artwork is intended to be a permanent fixture in the public space, and will be maintained as such. Such projects will encourage place making and act as a point of interest for local and international tourists.


Have Public Art viewed as a valuable contributor to the economic, social and cultural development of Campbell River. Encourage local tourism and create signature features for international guests.

Incorporate Public Art into the design and execution of selected civic and private developments. Encourage partnerships between creative professionals, community groups, social development programs, artists, children and other cultural groups.

Public Art that fosters the engagement of the community in public spaces through storytelling, music, sound, performance, dance, literature, spoken word, new media and fine art. We encourage inclusion of all cultures and sectors of the community to apply.

Maximum budget allocation: $25,000 annually.
The budget includes the following allotments:

  • 80% must be used for the creation of art work and pay for the cost of design, fabrication and installation of the work
  • 10% may be allocated to project administration, programming, collection management and expenses associated with the jury selection process
  • 10% is allocated to a maintenance fund

The balance is carried forward yearly and drawn on when necessary.

Projects that require more funding than our current budget are encouraged to seek matching funds.

Professional, emerging, and student artists, as well as artist teams are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should consider submitting some (or all) of the following for consideration:

  • Visual work: up to 10 images
    – Digital images should be on CD or DVD or sent via e-mail through file sharing
    – Each image must be clearly identified with name, number, title, dimensions, year and a numbered image list (files should read: 01artistnameTITLE.jpg)
    – Please clearly identify images that are directly related to the project or are drafts for the proposed project
  • Letter of Interest
    – Introduce yourself; describe your interest in the project, your approach to creating public art, and any past relevant experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Artist statement, maximum 500 words
  • References, 2 minimum
  • Project Proposal:
    – Full written description of project, max. 1 page
    – Timeline, including research, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance
    – Mock-ups and artist renderings
    – Budget

Please allow 2 months for response after deadline.
Upon request, artists may be required to provide a presentation before the City of Campbell River Public Art Sub-Committee.

All submissions must be postmarked, or hand delivered by the date and time of the deadline to be considered. Proposals to be returned to artists must include a self-address stamped envelope.

Proposal Evaluation Guidelines
The Public Art Committee shall consider and evaluate the following:

  1. Quality – Artistic merit of the artwork proposed
  2. Media – all visual and tactile forms shall be considered
  3. Consistency with the parameters established in the proposal call guidelines
  4. Elements and design – art in public places may function as art standing alone, focal points, modifiers of specific places, or establishers of identity
  5. Appropriateness to the proposed building or site
  6. Diversity – reasonable diversity shall be attained in style, scale, media and materials represented
  7. Technical feasibility – can the work be built as designed?
  8. Cost feasibility – can the work be built within the budget?
  9. Permanence and Maintenance: Public safety considerations, due consideration shall be given to structural and surface soundness and to permanence in terms of relative proof against age, theft, vandalism, weathering, or excessive maintenance or repair costs
  10. Ability of the artist to complete the work as submitted – Evidence of successful past artistic projects as outlined in C.V. and references
  11. Other considerations arising from the process


City of Campbell River
ATTN: Public Art Sub-Committee, Proposals
301 St. Ann’s Road, Campbell River, BC
V9W 4C7
T: 250.286.5700

– Critical discourse related to contemporary art, public art, place-making, and or historical relevance
– Realization of the project description

  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Community Engagement
  • Budget


Ken Blackburn, Chair of the Public Art Sub-Committee