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Barta, Pavel

Pavel Barta, sculptor and graphic designer, was born in the Czech Republic. He came to Canada in 1997. Presently he lives and works in Campbell River, BC. His sculptures of all sizes and variety of media are displayed in several galleries in BC. Pavel's artwork found place in private collections across Canada, in U.S.A., Europe, New Zealand and Australia. One of his public projects was creation of 16 sculptures for the foyer in the new building of Kelowna General Hospital - "Helping Hands".«

Pavel Barta
Brown, Wendy Ann

I enjoy working in water colour, chalk pastel, acrylic, oil and the fabric arts.

Chapman, Keith

A native of the west coast of British Columbia now enjoying living in Campbell River. Graduated from the Vancouver School of Art (now The Emily Carr University of Art + design). I have had a long career as a freelance graphic designer.

Cook, Nanci

Nanci Cook was a studio potter on Hornby Island after earning BA in Arts&Crafts & History UCSC. Now a painter on Quadra, Nanci has moved into Whiskey Point Resort to manage it with husband Tracy Tomlinson's help. She has a studio and the Wheelhouse Gallery on site, where she shows her work and invites other island artists to show theirs.
Some of the art will be on display in the rooms too.

Nanci Cook
Cormack, Laurel

Graduated Alberta College of Art and Design, The Banff Centre. Numerous solo and group exhibitions. In corporate and private collections North America, Europe and Asia. Art instructor at Alberta College of Art, City of Calgary, North Island College..

Davies, Mike

Mike Davies likes things big and colourful. He's all about vibrancy and dynamic colours and textures that evoke emotions, memories and a sense of atmosphere. Working primarily with acrylics on large canvas or handcrafted wooden panels, he both creates from within himself or in collaboration with clients to customize work for a specific space in their home or business through Conversations in Colour, his fledgling design startup.

Mike Davies
Davies, Peter

An illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer with over forty years professional experience working in the area of visual communication, creating images that tell a story.
An accomplished artist with a wide range of styles Peter's cartoons can be seen on Utility boxes, 'Ask Luke' in the newspapers as well as other publications and presentations.
He has undertaken projects in schools and with disadvantaged youth, as well as providing workshops for people of all ages.

Peter Davies
de Haan, Allan

From my earliest beginnings I can remember my desires to express myself through artistic mediums and consider myself artistic from birth. Mostly self taught I gained my inspirations from nature and from brightly contrasting colours. I have always felt a need to express myself through one art form or another and have tried many different mediums, but painting became my choice because through it I could bring the colours out from subconsciousness that yearned to be expressed. Born in Vancouver I have lived all of my life in British Columbia and most of it on Vancouver Island growing up in Campbell River. Later in life I found myself living in Victoria B.C. and have been living there and studying my art. Through the span of a lifetime and through all of the soul searching that I have done I found my way. I have found my path in the form of a limitless expression of art all unto myself.
Thank You.

Fisher, D Ross

I have received several awards in juried art shows and my works have hung in an array of venues. I have been an artist-in-residence in Victoria, hung in "Salon of Island Photographers" for 5 straight years, been featured in magazines including " runner-up for photo of the year" in Enroute magazine, and in 2015 was published in National Geographic's 'Daily Peace' hardcover. I was one of 5 artists on display for 20th anniversary of the CR art gallery and was inducted into the permanent collection.

Hughson, Heather

Heather Hughson is a contemporary artist whose passion for the scenery around her is vividly seen in her photographs and paintings. She often travels around Vancouver Island capturing scenes on camera to later work on in her studio. As an artist, she realized she would have to photograph the things around her that she wanted to paint which started her love of photography. Her most recent photographs document the penstocks that will be removed as part of the new Hydro power station project.

Jackson, Maria

I was born in Victoria B.C. 1953. The beauty of Vancouver Island inspired me to follow my dream of painting. In awe with the beautiful Natural Abstract of the Northern Mountain Glaciers, the Majestic Forest, Rivers and Ocean on the Island. Wild Life is a great part of the natural energy in my paintings. In travels to other areas I found the beauty in other Majestic Mysteries such as the Grand Canyon, Superstion Mountain in Arizona and the Coral Sandstone of the Zion National Park in Utah

Maria Jackson
Jamieson, Lynda

I am a self taught artist and have painted most of my adult life. My mediums include Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour and graphite. Local scenes are favoured subjects as well as human and animal portraits, My work has been displayed and sold internationally.

Johnsen, Susy

I offer expertise in project management, marketing and advertising from over 30 years working in Vancouver ad agencies. Whether you need web development, social media, blog writing, print, signage or branding, let me take your next project off your desk and I'll create unique results with lasting impact - from concept to completion.

Susy Johnsen
Larose, Darren

Darren Larose is best known for his oil on canvas Abstract paintings. His compositions are flat and yet he creates perspective to invite the viewer in. He has a unique Style seen through out his works.

He first attended the Ottawa School of Art where he developed his technical art skills and was involved in the mentorship program. He Mentored under photographer David Barbour and painter Blair Sharp.

Darren Larose
MacLaren, Sheran

I have been painting for about 15 years; Working in watercolours and acrylics and have been lucky to have sold paintings that have made their homes all up and down the Island and as far away as England . In 2014 I won best amateur award in the Campbell River Arts Fest.


Rody, Jill Paris

Inspired by nature, Jill grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has painted for over 50 years. Currently, she devotes serious studio time to her art, both in painting and art instruction. Color, texture and line, and their subtle nuances intrigue her, and she is a perpetual student of the landscape and the emotion it evokes. "I pray my Art, which illustrates the brilliance and beauty in Nature, is a comfort to the viewer."

St.Louis, Melissa

Melissa St.Louis was born and raised in the Yukon. She lived there with her husband and her three sons until moving to BC in 2007 and eventually to Campbell River in 2011. Widowed in 2012, Melissa began painting brightly coloured canvases. Beautiful pictures comprised of thousands of perfectly formed dots of acrylic paint, a variation of pointillism.

Stefanyk, Larry

From my first pencil drawing at the age of five, through my high school art program, I have had a passion for the arts. I received my Diploma of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. I was directly hired as display artist for the Provincial Museum in Edmonton, which inspired me to later open my own Graphic Design Company, where I continued a career in graphic design and illustration. Today that same passion for the arts continues in my daily life.

Telosky, Dan

Dan was born and raised on Northern Vancouver Island. From a young age Dan has been doing pencil sketches of the tugs, small freighters and fishing boats passing his home on Discovery Passage, then experimenting with water colours and oil paints in landscapes and seascapes.

Dan is mostly sef taught and began sketching at a young age and his subjects were primarily tug boats, then experimenting with water colours and oils, since 1998 Dan has been painting with acrylics.

Dan Telosky
teWinkel, Naomi

In a world that bombards us with not-so-happy images on a daily basis, Naomi wants to counteract the negativity with a good dose of humour and joy. Bringing a smile to people’s faces and allowing them to forget their troubles - if only for a moment - is what inspires her and is the ‘why’ behind what she does. Working from her home studio in MulberryLand, Naomi paints light-hearted whimsical images on canvas as well as digital drawings & is illustrating a children's book series to inspire you.

Thompson, Donna

I have been painting for about 50 years. I enjoy several and various mediums... and styles, but favourite subject is Landscapes.

White, Marian

Growing up on the Queen Charlotte Islands , I discovered at a early age that I was able to recreate the beauty found in my surroundings and began the process of self teaching myself how to capture each image I saw. I was able to develop a unique style of painting that captures the deeply felt emotion evoked by breathtaking scenery from all around Vancouver Island .
A graduate of Vancouver Island University 's Interior Design Program I combine my skills as an artist with my aesthetic skills to create contemporary art that appeals to a diverse audience.

Marian White
Bodenmann, Ross

Ross is a production artist, photographer and writer based on Vancouver Island. From feature film production to custom construction projects, fine art painting and installation sculpture - working across a variety of mediums has positioned Ross to be a well-rounded creative director. Drawing inspiration and instruction from a variety of mentors and institutions from around the world as well as from the Vancouver Island landscape he calls home has given Ross a compelling creative aesthetic.

Klobucar, Denise

I have been doing painted chairs for at least ten years. Most of my work is done on well made older wooden chairs. Over the years much of my work has been sold all over the island parts of Vancouver and shipped to the States. I have successfully sold my work at the Farmer's Market for the last five or six years. I have often thought that vibrant painted chairs placed around the downtown area would be an interesting focal point for visitors and tourists .sincerely Denise Klobucar.

Smith, Trish

Born and raised in South Africa, Trish lives in the Comox Valley where her practice is often inspired and informed by the natural environment to be found on Vancouver Island. Her concern for the human condition is often reflected in her interdisciplinary work, blurring boundaries between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, painting and life. She is interested in people and finds inspiration in the resilience of human nature. As an Interdisciplinary artist and horticulturist she has been exhibiting her work in South Africa and Canada since 1977. She studied Fine Arts through East London School of Art, South Africa, North Island College Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA through Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada.

Trish Smith