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Abernethy, Dustin

I am a local photographer, with a passion for Vancouver Island, its beauty, and sharing it with the world through my lens. I focus a lot of my time on Eagles, and other wildlife, but I believe photography should have no rules and no limits, so I try to open myself up to everything.
I am new to photography, having bought my first Dslr just under a year ago. I have had an amazing response that continues pushing me to learn and grow everyday.
Thank you for the support.

Fisher, D Ross

I have received several awards in juried art shows and my works have hung in an array of venues. I have been an artist-in-residence in Victoria, hung in "Salon of Island Photographers" for 5 straight years, been featured in magazines including " runner-up for photo of the year" in Enroute magazine, and in 2015 was published in National Geographic's 'Daily Peace' hardcover. I was one of 5 artists on display for 20th anniversary of the CR art gallery and was inducted into the permanent collection.

Hughson, Heather

Heather Hughson is a contemporary artist whose passion for the scenery around her is vividly seen in her photographs and paintings. She often travels around Vancouver Island capturing scenes on camera to later work on in her studio. As an artist, she realized she would have to photograph the things around her that she wanted to paint which started her love of photography. Her most recent photographs document the penstocks that will be removed as part of the new Hydro power station project.

Johns, Robert

I believe that photography is a window in which others can see the wonders of the world through the eyes of others. I focus mainly on underwater photography, but try to shoot as much as I can above the waves as well. Not everyone has the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the world, and I want to share what I love with others as much as I can.

Robert Johns
Jones, Eiko

While growing up in New Zealand, Eiko acquired his first SLR camera at the age of fourteen. He quickly discovered his passion for capturing images of animals, especially birds, in their natural habitat. During extensive trips along the West Coast of British Columbia and Alaska in the early 1990’s, his focus shifted to coastal landscapes above and below the waterline. Eiko has developed a dramatic style in which which he celebrates the corners of our world which are seldom seen.

Eiko Jones
Kumar, Jacqueline

My name is Jacqueline Kumar, I am a mother of four (3,7,9,11) and photography is my passion. Ever since I got my very own 35mm camera back in 1990, I have always enjoyed capturing memories with friends and family. Photography as the hobby which i enjoyed, I am never seen without my gadgets.

Neal, Shirley

I am a professional writer and photographer. I have had my photography shown in art galleries in the Durham Area and I am a published writer. I write travel, screenplays, my play Mother May was sold to a film production company and my plays have been presented throughout southern Ontario. I also write fiction, comedy, memoirs.

Simmons, Lee

Seeking expressions of form and beauty through landscape photography is a lifetime passion for photographer Lee Simmons.
The craft of traditional B&W landscape photography allows the photographer to seek out and experience the inherent beauty in the natural world.
Working with handmade wooden cameras, pre-visualizing images, developing film, spending time in the field and darkroom extend these moments of natural beauty.
While these images depict scenes of our local area, they are created as a cathartic exercise from start to finish over many months.
Searching out moments of expression through the craft of traditional B&W photography are the underpinnings of this body of work.

Smith, Dylan

I am a local Campbell Riverite diving with an passion for bringing the strange world of the emerald sea to life through macro photography. While following other passions such as acrylic canvas paintings underwater photography has been a hobby for 3 years now. Worlds of wonder and imagination through my lens in Emerald sea, join me in adventure!

Welsh, Christine

Originally from Ontario, I now live on Vancouver Island and find it a most amazing place to explore and photograph. I love the natural world, and thoroughly enjoy capturing the beauty of it. I like my photo art to be natural, honest and vibrant. You can find more of my work at my blog. At present I am selling framed prints, greeting cards and calendars. I am also available for commissioned work pertaining to outdoors, gardens and plant life.Will be a member of our local Garden Club 2016.

Bodenmann, Ross

Ross is a production artist, photographer and writer based on Vancouver Island. From feature film production to custom construction projects, fine art painting and installation sculpture - working across a variety of mediums has positioned Ross to be a well-rounded creative director. Drawing inspiration and instruction from a variety of mentors and institutions from around the world as well as from the Vancouver Island landscape he calls home has given Ross a compelling creative aesthetic.

Smith, Trish

Born and raised in South Africa, Trish lives in the Comox Valley where her practice is often inspired and informed by the natural environment to be found on Vancouver Island. Her concern for the human condition is often reflected in her interdisciplinary work, blurring boundaries between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, painting and life. She is interested in people and finds inspiration in the resilience of human nature. As an Interdisciplinary artist and horticulturist she has been exhibiting her work in South Africa and Canada since 1977. She studied Fine Arts through East London School of Art, South Africa, North Island College Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA through Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada.

Trish Smith